photo of sculpture

A brief life story

Born in Seattle, I grew up in mostly rural Western Washington. First living on Bainbridge Island, then Suquamish and finally Quilcene, where my parents moved to do subsistence farming and commercial fishing.

At the age of thirteen I started fishing with my father in the summers. I continued summer fishing throughout college and into my mid-twenties. Some highlights were, making enough money in one night to pay for most of the house my parents were building, being on a seine boat that burned in South East Alaska and working on the Valdez oil spill.

During that time I had various jobs of interest. The least likely was a stint at an investment company right after college. I then went on to plant and cut trees all over Washington State and Montana, followed by a good stretch working in residential construction. The construction was one of the most useful (skill learning) jobs I've had, but also the most tedious.

I moved to Seattle permanently in 1991 where I began my serious relationship with the bicycle. After first opening a custom frame shop in my garage, I went on to work as a mechanic in a local shop. This job was the most fun I've ever had; afterwards I opened my own bike shop which I have been running since March of 1998.

Larry Naylor