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The ceramic arts

As a potter I am strongly influenced by European modernism. Hans Coper, Lucy Rie, and Eugene Deutch are some of my favorite artists. Early Bauhaus school potters; mid-century Scandinavian and American designers have also had a large influence on my aesthetic sense.

A design constraint

A rejection of conformity places one firmly in its grasp.

The design constraint imposed by the potters wheel is one that is particularly familiar to me, having spent a major part of my life making bicycle wheels round. For me, the imposed roundness provides a structure to work within. The wheel becomes a place of three dimensional sketching, a place where I can play with ideas for larger sculpture.


All that being said...the best part of being a potter is the pottery. Nothing is better than waking up to coffee in a well crafted pot. Food eaten on hand crafted stoneware is just plain better. You should try it!