2008 detail containment system

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Spacemorphism [speys mawr fiz uhm] n.

1. Decorative art and symbolism influenced by early human space exploration and mid-century science fiction writings.

2. The attributing of an outer-space object's form or characteristics to god or a god.

Spacemorphic [speys mawr fik] adj.

1. Of or having outer-space object form.


(Pottery Northwest Gallery June 2008)

These sculptures are influenced by exposures to the space programs, science fictions and westerns of the 1950's, 60's and 70's. I see these influences as reflections of a Turneresque idea of American frontier. Turner's definition of frontier being (an expansion into the wilderness and subsequent taming of it by civilized forces). Never mind that the old wilderness was already inhabited, the new one is certainly not. I represent the idea of frontierism as a dichotomy of creative and destructive elements lying deep within the roots of our culture.

The resulting spacemorphic forms create stoic parodies of the fantastical futures of my youth. These futuristic buildings, rockets, space craft, missiles and heavenly bodies have a nostalgic feeling to me. They encompass the dichotomies of frontierism as I ask, where does the real future lead us?