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More (Spacemorphic)

Largely a year of experimentation, 2009 also included works for two major group shows (Mad Art) and (Mad Art Redux.

The purchase of a tig welding machine allowed for more precise metal work, pushing the spacemorphic sculptures in an even more technological direction.

2009 also saw the start of experiments with cardboard that resulted in the work completed in early 2010.

Mad Art

(Madison Park Neighborhood September 2009)

Mad Art was a large group show that involved site specific installations in the windows of Madison Park neighborhood businesses. My contribution ended up being two outdoor pieces, one on the exterior wall of Starbucks and the other a free standing sculpture.

Mad Art Redux

(Foster White Gallery February 2010)

Mad Art Redux was a continuation with the (Mad Art) artists in a gallery setting. This show included very stoic continuations of the spacemorphic work.