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This show was a juxtaposition of artistic expressions I explored during my residency at Pottery Northwest. The original title of the show was Paper and Clay but in retrospect I realized that apposition was a much better name so, revisionist history has been applied.

During my residency at PNW I spent a lot of energy making forms to be used in the sculptures seen in the previous two years. I decided to finish my time there with a return to pottery by creating a series of wheel thrown sculptural vessels. These are shown with the cardboard pieces I had been experimenting with over the past year.

The use of cardboard grew first from a modeling project for a metal sculpture but soon became a preferred medium. One of the primary attractions is that it allows the reuse of packing material from my bicycle shop, also when covered with many layers of shellac it has a glowing quality that gives me aesthetic pleasure. In these pieces, I contrast the natural world with technology through my choice of materials and through the alternating use of biomorphic and mechanical forms. This work is an endeavor to encapsulate and illustrate the struggle between progress and nature.

(Pottery Northwest Gallery April 2010)